I used IRP Services to transfer title for a utility trailer. They were fast friendly and double checked to make sure everything was correct.  Truth is I thought I had called the DMV to see how long it would take to transfer title. Pram, the guy who answered the phone said 30 minutes. I headed over to the DMV only to find and endless line of people waiting to get in the door.  I double checked who exactly I called and saw it was a DMV Partner. I went to straight IRP Services, Pram had everything done including my new plate in less than 30 minutes.  Call IRP Services you'll be glad you did, I know I am.

- Richard D.

Had to register a car i just bought and I found this place on the DMV website. Customer service was great, office was clean and organized and best of all NO wait time! I was in and out.. I even got my license plates before I left the office. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to do DMV stuff, way better than sitting at DMV all day! Thanks guys

- Christina R.

 I had an amazing experience with these guys, and I normally have a headache of a time dealing with anything dmv related (partially my fault). First off not a single line to wait in, sat for like maybe 2 minutes and then was seen. Both guys were very nice and the place had a good atmosphere inside. I needed new plates issued, registration renewed (that was late) and my address changed. The guy who helped me was able to complete it all within minutes but had some issues with the license plates (which is my fault partly) and called in and was able to get the issue figured out and I am just beyond satisfied with the service they have provided! I highly recommend them!!!!! They are definitely my go to place from here on out! Thank you!

- Kira F.

Outstanding! Avoided a ridiculous long line for a very reasonable fee. Got tags on the spot, receipts showing transfer/registration paid for. And great customer service. Def would come back for future needs.

- Peter G.

Outstanding 5 star service!! Got my paperwork filed, transferred my new ownership lien package without going to DMV. Thank you so much for the great customer service!! We will be coming here for future service instead of standing in the long DMV lines.

In and out quickly with my registration and tags in hand!!

- Christina J.

Fast and professional service. Updated address on two registration renewals.They dropped the off the stickers right to my door all within about two hours of my inicial call. Impressed and glad to have this service in times of quarantine.

- Liz M.

Had the best Experience working with these guys at this place , I didn't even know this place existed until I was referred there by a friend of mines, I needed to get a Vin verification on my 1972 Olds Cutlass to complete my Registration and With COVID 19 in place all the DMV offices are closed , anyhow they were open by appointment only and were Ll wearing mask for the protection of everyone, the place was also super clean, I went to this location and these guys got it done for me and charged me a small fee that was a no brainer cause I probably would have paid double that amount just for the ease of convenience and no wait , I left there with Plates and Tags for my car, If you or anyone are  looking for DMV services I would definitely recommend this place !!!!From this point on I will never go to A DMV office unless I absolutely have to, 10 Stars for these guys here!!! Thanks Again!!!

- Aamira Z.

This place is a hidden gem. After discovering this place I do not want to deal with the DMV if this business can take care of it. Excellent customer service. I recommend contacting them first and inquire to get better help. Great hours also, start open at 7am. Since I contacted them first they were better able to help me and ensured me that the transaction would be quick, gave me an estimated time, and delivered. Really great business, only charge me on things that required a service or a fee

- John A.

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